Answered By: Gloria Shutter
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Desktop: Adobe Flash (latest) or an HTML5 compatible browser. JavaScript enabled. Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari 6.0+

Mobile/Tablet: iOS v5.0+, Android: v4.0+, Windows: v8.0+, BlackBerry: v10+ (limited compatibility)

Internet connection: 200kbps (minimum), 500kbps (recommended)

Notes: If you have a LAN/WAN connection to the Internet, your IT department may have installed a Firewall, which may be configured to prevent the reception of all rich media on your computer. Your network may also be prohibited from upgrading the media software on your computer. Contact your IT department to correct these configurations.

Audio/Video: 16-bit Video display card and 16-bit Sound Card with Speakers

Adobe's Acrobat Reader: Required to view documentation and resources

Cookies: Your browser must allow session cookies.

Javascript: Must be enabled.

Faster Streams: Optimize Adobe Flash by opening port: 1935

Media Player Format: HTML5 & Flash. The media player defaults to the HTML5 format and switches to the Flash format if the browser does not support HTML5.

Video Encoding Format: H.264