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Possible printing issues:

  • The red pop-up box does not accept my password: Several things can cause this issue. To correct it:
    • First, make sure that your HACC ID and password are being entered correctly.  Remember that passwords are case sensitive and can be affected by caps lock and num lock.
    • If all of your information is correct, you will need to reset your password by going to the myHACC login page and clicking the link marked "How do I reset my PIN/Password?" Follow the prompts from there to finish the reset. After doing this you will need to wait approximately 15 minutes for the new password to process through the HACC systems before trying to print.
    • If the reset through myHACC did not fix the issue please come to the Circulation/Service desk so that we may put you in contact with IT for a manual password reset.


  • The red pop-up worked but the log in at the release station does not accept my password:
    • Check to ensure caps lock is turned off and the num lock is turned on. Num lock is the first light on the upper right of the keyboard, caps lock is the second light.


  • The release station took money from my account but did not print:
    • This is usually caused by issues with the printer itself.  Please come to the Circulation/Service desk for assistance.


  • The printer put out a page with an 'invalid font error' and a lot of blank pages:
    • In this case, highlight all of the text in your document and then switch the font to Calibri or Times New Roman. After doing so print the document again.
    • If you see that others are having this issue at the same time, please come to the Circulation/Service desk for assistance.


  • The printer is taking a long time to print anything:
    • Certain documents, particularly large print jobs and powerpoint slides with dark backgrounds and light text, are difficult for the printer to process and may take extended periods of time to fully print.  To speed the process up you can manually edit the slides to feature dark text and light backgrounds before printing.

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