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Because there is a low barrier to publishing information on the internet, websites can be an excellent resource for up-to-date information. In general you will find that most of reliable information you will find in a web search will be facts and statistics.


However, a basic Google search will provide thousands if not millions of results, which can be overwhelming when trying to find reliable sources to use in your research.


Fortunately, we can use Google Advanced Search to limit the kind of websites we see in our results to help us get more reliable information.



Enter your keywords in the box next to “all these words.” You can even use the exact same keywords from your database searches.


The next most important option will be “site or domain.”

In this box you can enter a website (ex. to search only that one website, or, you can enter a domain to search for a particular kind of website.


Domains are a period followed by the last few letters of a website’s address (.com, .org, .edu). Each has a particular purpose and can only be used by certain groups of people.  



Who can own this domain?

Is it good for research?



Commercial sites, ads, business info, shopping, news, etc.


Not Normally



School info, links to libraries & school departments, and information published by education professionals

Only schools and other educational institutions




Statistics, public info, facts, and agency databases

Only government agencies




Non-profit information, interest groups, often persuasive organizations


Not Normally



Internet service provider information and sponsored personal site.


Not Normally


Check with your professor and assignment details first, but usually the best websites for research are Education and Government websites because the purpose of the sites is to teach and inform and the authors are generally experts (teachers, librarians, and professors) or responsible for creating and maintaining the information (government agencies).


So, in Google Advanced Search we will want to type either “.gov” or “.edu” (without quotes) in the “site or domain” box.

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