Materials may be renewed online by visiting the Catalog page and clicking the My Account link at the top.

Login using your HACC username and password, then click on the "Checkouts" tab, then click on each box next to each item you want to renew. Then click on “Renew Selected Items.” 

Make sure a new date due is displayed for each item you are renewing. If an item does not renew, please call your campus library. Items may not renew if one of the following conditions exists:

  • Any items are overdue.
  • The item has been renewed too many times.
  • Someone has placed a hold on the item.

**Interlibrary loan books cannot be renewed through the catalog. Interlibrary loan books are checked out for a three week period, unless the owning library gives a shorter loan period. A request for interlibrary loan renewal must be made by talking your local campus library staff or to the interlibrary loan staff person at 717-780-1152.

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