The streaming bit rate for Films on Demand is comparable to YouTube's streaming video quality. Lowering the streaming bit rate may help you view the video if the network is slow or choppy.

To change the streaming bit rate:

  • Under the viewing screen, click on the drop-down button "Auto".
  • Highlight one of the alternate streaming bit rates.

Other factors that may prevent videos from playing:

  • Web browser: Different web browsers may work better with different websites. If you are unable to load a video in Internet Explorer, try using Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.
  • Updates: Skipping updates for long periods of time may effect browser performance. To check for updates for your browser, access the Menu and choose Settings.  Updates are most often found in the Advanced Settings (FireFox) or About (Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Add-ins: Many options are available for blocking or restricting advertisements and other unwanted content while browsing. If you use Adblock, NoScript, or other add-ins remember to allow and

Or you can reach out to library chat for assistance.  

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