FAQ Question

For large print jobs, students can submit documents to the print shop to be picked up at their campus bookstore. Most requests are ready in 2 business days. Please choose the number of pages below to get started.

Print Shop Request


Do the Large File Print Requests that students submit via these form count against my printing page count total?
No. Not at this time.

Why is there a 2 day turnover for Large File Print requests?
All print job requests using these links are processed at the Harrisburg campus. Completed print jobs are then sent to the campus Bookstore requested by the student for pickup. This time frame includes time for courier delivery to the campuses.

Where do I pick up my Large File Print request?
At the campus bookstore you requested. Lebanon students can pick up their print jobs in the Library and Learning Commons during library hours.

Am I charged for shipping/mailing a print job to me?
No. Not at this time. However, students are encouraged to pick up items for faster delivery.

What if I cannot wait and need to print right away. Can I still print in the Library and at Print HUBS?
If a student is in need of printing a large job or and does not have time to allow for pickup, they can print in the Library or at any of the Print HUBS. For more information, please visit our printing page.